Hyphenated: Music + Identity is an audio documentary series about immigrant and second generation immigrant musicians in Europe navigating their "hyphenated" identity through their music, created and produced by Ron Deutsch.

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Defne Sahin
May 31, 2024x
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Defne Sahin

Defne's grandparents and then her parents migrated to Germany from Turkey. And they had a dream of integration for Defne, the child born in this other country. To not just straddle between two culture...

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Who made this?

Hi. My Name is Ron Deutsch. For the last quarter century I've written and conducted interviews for both print and online publications, including National Geographic, Wired News, The Austin-American Statesman, The San Francisco Weekly, Gramophone, and Chamber Music America. I was a contributing editor at both Sonicnet/MTVnews and the International Documentary Association's Documentary magazine. And for the last decade, I've been a featured contributor to National Public Radio's Afropop Worldwide program.

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